Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pack Your Bags

I'm a frequent traveler, and over time I've perfected the art of packing all of my favorite outfits into one small carry-on bag. This is no easy feat, but when you don't have to spend time waiting in lines to check in, or hanging out by a luggage carousel when you reach your destination, it's worth it!

Here are three simple tips for keeping your suitcase organized:
1.  Stick to a consistent color scheme when you plan out your outfits for the week (bonus points if you can create several mix-and-match outfits with the pieces you've chosen). This will minimize the amount of shoes that you have to pack, and you don't have to sacrifice style- just bring some great accessories to add variety!

2. Pare down your toiletries. Simple swaps can make a big difference. For example, rather than bringing an entire bottle of perfume, spritz some into a small travel atomizer. Instead of bringing full-size versions of your go-to face wash, ask for sample packs when you buy your next bottle.

Tip: When I travel to the same place multiple weeks in a row (for work), I generally ask the concierge to hold onto a bag of toiletries and a pair of running shoes. This way, I don't have to worry about packing them each week and I can enjoy my full-size favorites when I'm there. 

3.  Be strategic about how you put items into your bag. I like to use the Eagle Creek Pack-It Folders and travel organizers because they keep clothes wrinkle free and compressed. If you don't want to purchase extra travel accessories, try rolling up your clothes. By rolling rather than folding, you compress all of the extra air out of your clothes and can fit more in your luggage.

Once all of your clothes are into the bag, fill the extra space and pockets with your accessories, shoes,  etc. If you're packing a bag of toiletries, consider keeping it out of your luggage and sticking it in your purse (or an outside pocket of your bag). This makes going through security a snap!

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