Friday, November 8, 2013

Wedding Gift Giving

Weddings are a time for celebration, but in addition to toasting the happy couple on their special day, you need to bring a gift. With the help of Emily Post and The Knot, I’ve compiled a few helpful tips for giving the perfect present:

1. If you’re invited to the ceremony, it’s customary to send a gift (even if you can’t attend). Try picking a gift from their registry. The couple chose those items for a reason, so you can’t go wrong!

2. The sooner, the better. Although the longstanding rule is that you have one year to send a gift, it’s best to have gift giving done by the wedding. If you’re going to give something that requires gift-wrap (i.e. not cash), send it directly to the couple rather than bringing it to the reception. This way, the couple doesn’t have to worry about getting the gift home after their party. 

3. Destination weddings are still weddings. They are not an excuse to skip a gift, even if the transportation, accommodations, and other expenses do influence how much you spend.

4. Gift-giving occasions abound. If you attend a shower, you should bring a gift. However, this does not take the place of a wedding gift. If you feel comfortable, choose a gift from the couple's registry for the shower and include some money in a card with a personal note for the wedding. 

5. Never miss an opportunity to be generous. If your friend didn’t give you a gift, you should still give one in return. Emily Post says, "Etiquette is not about two wrongs making a right. Hold yourself to your own standard, even if you're upset or frustrated."


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