Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Politely Decline

I love to make plans with friends, but it's easy to over-program your schedule (especially during the holidays). If you receive an invitation for an event you don't want to attend, you should feel empowered to politely decline. We've all been there! Follow these 5 simple steps you're sure to remain in your friend's good graces:
  1. Don't make up a lame excuse. Respond honestly and in a timely manner. It's OK to say that you've been really busy lately and you need just some down time. 
  2. Thank your friend (or the party's host) for the invite. It's flattering that they thought to invite you.
  3. Schedule another time in the near future to catch up. 
  4. Send a thoughtful note or a small gift if you were invited to celebrate a birthday, new baby, graduation, or the like. This shows that you're still thinking of them, even though you're not there in person.
  5. If you're skipping a party, follow up with your friend a few days afterward to see how it went. Who doesn't love bragging about the great party they threw?
Tip: If you've bailed on a particular friend a few times in a row, it might be time to suck it up and attend the party (even if you don't want to). Remember that you have to BE a good friend in order to have good friends.

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