Thursday, December 26, 2013

Send a Note

Now that you've unwrapped all of your holiday gifts, it's time to start writing! Hand-written thank you notes are the warmest way to show your appreciation. Follow these simple tips:
  1. Buy Stationery. Hand-written notes are becoming a lost art form, but embossed cards with lined envelopes look much nicer than an email or a piece of notebook paper stuffed into a regular envelope. I have some of the Kate Spade cards pictured above stashed away for anytime I need to write a quick thank you.
  2. Personalize It. I don't mean monogram your stationery (although that is lovely). Reference something about the gift like "I plan on displaying it on the mantle above our fireplace" or perhaps mention an upcoming event where you'll see the thank-you note recipient. These tiny additions will make it seem as if you're not just churning out template thank-yous out of obligation,
  3. Be Yourself! A note doesn't have to be stiff- feel free to add humor and sarcasm to your note, especially if the gift-giver knows you well.
  4. Don't Reference Money. This can be tricky if you received money or a gift card, but all you have to say is "Thank you for your generous gift. I plan to use it to...". Just make sure the gift-giver would approve of your money-spending plans before you divulge them!
  5. Get to the Point. You don't need to ramble on about how your new job is going or all of the resolutions you have for the new year, and you certainly don't need to exaggerate how much you LOVE the gift. Be concise, yet appreciative and personal.
Emily Post advises that if a gift came from a close relative, you can skip the note. However, if that gift didn't come from your Mom, Dad, Sister, or Brother, don't assume that an in-person thanks is enough. If a person went to the trouble of hosting a party or purchasing a gift for you, it's not too much to ask for you to spend a few minutes writing a heartfelt card.

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