Friday, January 31, 2014

Beer Tasting Party

Beer Tasting Party Pics, from 
Need another activity this Sunday besides watching the Seahawks play the Broncos? Host a beer tasting party! Similar in concept to a wine tasting party, this more casual affair is sure to be fun.

The Beer
Pick any style of beer that you like! Pilsners, Lagers, Ales, Stouts, Porters, Belgians, etc. As an alternative, choose one brewer (maybe someone local?) and sample each type of beer that they make. 
If you're Gluten Free, try some of these:
  • T'weason Ale, Dog Fish Head
  • New Planet Gluten Free Beer
  • Strange Gluten Free Lemon Pale Ale
  • The Alchemist, Celia Saison
  • Shackparo Ale, Sprecker Brewing Co.
The Tasting
Blind tastings are always fun, and they encourage everyone to sample each beer. To pull this off, you have a few options: 
  1. Label bottles of beer with numbers (covering up their labels)
  2. Pour beer into numbered pitchers
  3. Pour beer into numbered glasses... just make sure that each person gets a glass of each number
Give your guests a scorecard (like the one pictured above) with the numbers on one side and space to make notes. They can rate each beer and comment on any special flavors they taste. 

After everyone has tasted the various options, unveil the beers and see which one was a favorite!

The Food
When tasting beer, salty snacks are important! Have pretzels (I like the Glutino variety), a variety of mustards, salty potato chips and perhaps some spicy salami on hand. 

If you're combining your beer-tasting with Superbowl Sunday, then stick to your planned menu. Chips, queso, chili, pizza... any football-friendly food will be perfect!

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