Monday, January 20, 2014

Getaway to Bali

Post-holiday Boston winters are not my favorite, so this week I'm making a mental escape from the cold weather and brainstorming my next warm-weather getaway.

My good friend Mike recently jet-setted around Asia and was kind enough to share some of his experiences (and pictures) from Bali last time we caught up.

Q: What won you over about this particular destination?
A: There are SO many amazing things about Bali, including: the sunsets (they're unreal), the exchange rate (US dollars go far, beer is cheap), the delicious food, and the locals- everyone is so kind and spiritual. 

Q: Where did you stay?
A: We stayed at the W Bali, which had an incredible lagoon style pool, 24 hour spa services, and an amazing breakfast buffet. 

Q: Any special recommendations?
A: There are endless things to do- beaches, mountains, jungles, diving, elephant riding, temples, markets, and endless inexpensive spa services. We had dinner at Metis one night, which was absolutely phenomenal. I highly recommend it.  Overall, Bali is just the perfect island paradise. It's tricky to get there from Boston, but once you arrive it's like there are no problems in the world. 

I'm definitely adding Bali to my "places to travel" list. Mike, when you're ready to go back, let me know!

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