Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Durty Harry's

Durty Harry's
If you're a dog-owner in Boston, Durty Harry's is worth a visit.  This small shop in Charlestown (or Brookline-there are two locations) is the ultimate pet boutique. Pick up some lobster treats (yes, with REAL lobster), a fun new toy, a bow tie for your dapper dude, or use the self-wash stations to give your pup a bath. The small space is packed with goodies and premium dog food/treats. Plus, if you live in the area, Durty Harry's will deliver your dog food right to your door!

Harry Himself!
We've been enjoying Durty Harry's every Sunday at our Zen Dog Training classes with Brady. He's having a blast and quickly learning the fastest way to earn a treat.

Brady loves this toy from Durty Harry's- it hides treats in the belly!

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