Monday, September 29, 2014

Fun with Photos

My Bedroom "Gallery"
I love photos, but it's often tricky to find a way to display all of your favorites without turning your walls into dorm-esque bulletin boards. As we started decorating our new place in Austin, I went straight to Pinterest for a little photo inspiration. If you're looking to create a contemporary gallery wall for your favorite prints, try leaning your frames instead of hanging them. via Pinterest via Pinterest

Don't have a mantle or a cool spot for your snapshots, hang a couple of shelves and create a ledge. You can find an inexpensive option at IKEA, but Hobby Lobby and Michael's also sell them near the frame section. via Pinterest via Pinterest
A tip if you decide to recreate one of these looks: buy some sticky tack. Frames aren't really meant to lean, so they often slide and fall. A tiny dot of sticky tack from your favorite craft or teacher store won't hurt your furniture and it will keep those frames perfectly in place!

Not sure about the leaning frame look? Check out some of these other cute photo projects from Martha Stewart.

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