Thursday, October 9, 2014


I love ice cream, so local ice cream shops were one of the first things I scoped out once we had settled into our new place in Austin. Located on South Lamar, Lick is definitely a front-runner for my favorite. Their unique flavors and seasonal, local ingredients make for an incredible scoop.

Tip: When you go, don't be deterred by unfamiliar or bizarre ingredients. I can assure you that Lick only delicious ice cream- be adventurous!

Because Lick sources local ingredients, the list of flavors changes frequently. Last time I popped in I tried goat cheese, thyme & honey, plus a scoop of carrot & tarragon. Neal sampled the Texas sheet cake flavor, and enjoyed every last spoonful! Upcoming seasonal flavors are fall-inspired and include sweet potato, pumpkin, and horchata.

Want to skip the line and make your own ice cream? I can't promise it will be quite as good as Lick, but Danielle Walker from Against All Grain has an awesome recipe for pumpkin ice cream you can make in a food processor.

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