Thursday, February 26, 2015

Clean House!

Illustration by Robert Best, via Pinterest
Frigid temperatures have been sweeping the nation this week, and all the indoor activities have me going a bit stir-crazy! I'm feeling the need to do something BIG, so I'm starting to tackle spring cleaning early. Here's what's on my to-do list:
  • Clean the microwave and oven 
  • Empty and wipe down the pantry
  • Scrub the fridge
  • Clean kitchen sink and under-sink area
  • Wipe down walls and rinse out garbage can
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean all countertops 
  • Clean tub, shower curtain, toilet, and bathroom sink
  • Steam clean all wood floors
  • Wipe all wood blinds clean
  • Dust fan blades and baseboards
  • Clear out expired medications and cosmetics
  • Vacuum all carpets and cushions
  • Move furniture to vacuum/dust underneath
  • Declutter closet (Bonus: donate old clothes to Goodwill)
  • Dust TV and electronics
  • Re-organize living room storage cabinets
  • Clean desk and wipe down desk chair
  • Sweep patio
  • Clean car (interior and exterior)
  • Clean out vacuum and re-organize storage of cleaning supplies

 I'm hoping to knock out several of these tasks this week before the wether starts to improve. Who's with me?


  1. Me! My kitchen needs a deep clean too!

  2. I agree that spring cleaning should be that thorough. Which is why it is also a great exercise, as it keeps our brains going, drawing up solutions while finding the right equipment for the right scenario. This breakdown of yours is a fine challenge to make us do this effectively and efficiently. Good day!

    Frank George @ Dutch Hollow Supplies

  3. A cleaning checklist would certainly help! Cleaning is an expansive kind of job, so it is important that we itemize every single task and duty we will need to do, so we'll know where to start first. Planning is everything, given all the corners and the rooms that you'll have to go through. Good luck!

    Gregory Snyder @ Executive Image