Monday, January 4, 2016

Pajama Party

I love the fresh start that a new year brings, but I don't always love the prospect of getting all dressed up for New Years Eve, partying with a room full of strangers, and then fighting to find a cab home once the ball drops. This year, we opted to host a party at our house, and it was perfect. Rather than don sequins and bowties, we all stayed comfy in our PJs while we sipped mimosas and played games.  

We only planned this party a couple weeks in advance, so Paperless Post was the perfect option for invitations. The evites also allowed us to track RSVPs, which was great!

After the holidays, I had tons of tissue paper lying around, so I make some DIY Tassel Garlands. They took me longer to make than I'd like to admit, but they were cute and added a festive vibe to the party. In addition to the garlands, I filled the house with flower arrangements made of white dahlias, tulips, and football mums. I love having fresh flowers in the house!

As the invitation suggests, we encouraged everyone to come in their pajamas! A few people thought it might be a joke, but they obviously don't know me that well. I could live in loungewear.

Since everyone was in their PJs, it only made sense to serve breakfast-y foods. Here's what we served:

  • Sausage biscuits with cheddar cheese
  • Lox on sourdough toast with cucumber, creme fraiche and dill
  • Raspberry yogurt parfaits
  • Pancake kabobs with bananas, strawberries, and nutella
  • Sticky buns

We also had a fully stocked bar, plus all the ingredients for mimosas (because it wouldn't be New Year's Eve without sparkly drinks!).  

Many of our guests come from different friend circles, so to help everyone get acquainted we played a game as people walked in the door.  Everyone got a name on their back as they walked in the door (names of people who made the news in 2015 like Jordan Speith, Donald Trump, Chris Pratt, etc.), and they could ask each person one yes-or-no question to help them guess the name. The person who guessed in the fewest number of attempts was the winner. It was a great way to get people talking, but also fun to recap some of the things that happened last year. 

The Toast
New Year's Eve calls for a toast, and although we drank champagne all night, we opted for a cookies-and-milk toast before everyone headed home. It was a great way to cap off the evening, and I sent all of our guests home with extra cookies for the morning after. 

We all had a great time ringing in 2016 (including Brady), and we're looking forward to many more parties (and many more lazy days in PJs) at our place!


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