Monday, February 15, 2016

A Bed for Brady

We had an awesome weekend, full of sunny weather, long walks around the lake, and good food. Although we did a lot of relaxing, I managed to squeeze in a little project too: sewing a new cover for Brady's dog bed. The original was a orange patterned crate pad from Jax & Bones, pictured below.

Although it fits perfectly in his crate and the pattern is cute, the orange doesn't really coordinate with our bedroom decor. Rather than start from scratch, I decided to make a removable slipcover (like a pillowcase) in a comfy, washable fabric.

This was my first project on my new sewing machine, and I have to admit that I had no idea what I was doing. To keep things simple, I used an envelope closure rather than a zipper (which you can see in the picture above, since Brady is laying on it upside down).

Luckily, sewing straight lines is not overly complex and I looked at a pillowcase that I already had, reverse-engineering how I might replicate it for the dog bed. After I finished my project, I found step-by-step directions on Domestic Imperfection- those will come in handy next time!

A Perfect Place to Snooze
Brady's a huge fan of his "new" bed, and I'm pretty proud of myself for learning something new and putting my sewing machine to good use!

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