Monday, May 23, 2016

Fit Pregnancy

Our precious baby BOY!
2015 was a big year for us, but 2016 has proven to be no different. We've been gearing up for a new baby, due to arrive at the end of the summer.  

I am beyond excited to meet our little man, but in the meantime, I'm trying to stay active and maintain as normal of a routine as possible. Some things (like regular blogging) have started to fall by the wayside as fatigue has crept in, but exercise and healthy eating are still high priority.  Since I travel during the week for work, I've been exploring all of the pregnancy-related fitness resources that live out on the Internet, and Tonic's Pregnancy Yoga series on YouTube was a great find.  The episodes vary in duration, so there's always one that I can find time for during the Monday to Friday grind.  This week I'm working on Strength & Stability:

In addition to yoga, I've been keeping up with some of my old favorites: Bar Method and running. I have to admit that my running has turned into more of a slow jog/fast walk now that I'm carrying so much extra weight in my middle, but it still feels good to get up and move! Bar Method is a great compliment since it allows me to stretch out and continue to tone. 

Pregnancy has made me feel a lot more exhausted than I expected. Regular exercise has definitely helped, but naps and lazy days also have their place! I'm soaking up every minute of "me" time before our new family member arrives on the scene...

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