Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Make Every Minute Count

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The compressed week has made my work schedule a bit more exciting (read: jam-packed), but even on the busiest of days, I manage to find a few minutes of downtime here and there. I try to maximize every spare moment, and I love this post from The Everygirl on 15 Productive Things to Do in 15 Minutes.

One of the best pieces of advice that I received from a more senior co-worker early on in my career was to take advantage of time during the week to knock out simple tasks, freeing up the weekend for more fun and relaxation. I try to heed this advice, particularly while traveling during the week so that my Saturdays and Sundays are freed up for relaxing with family and friends. Here are a few of my go-to ways to fill small breaks in the day:
  • Schedule weekly workouts. If I sign up for a Bar Method class or block out time for running on my calendar, it's much more likely that I'll actually DO it. It doesn't take long to plan for the days ahead, and I look forward to exercise since it's a break from being at a desk in front of my computer. 
  • Plan the weekend. Need to order concert tickets or coordinate a group for dinner? Take a few minutes in between conference calls to knock those plans out. Once they're on your calendar, you'll have weekend fun to help motivate you to get through the week!
  • Call a friend. My friends are geographically dispersed, but I try to make an effort to connect frequently. A 10 minute conversation here and there is energizing and fun, plus it's a perfect way to fill time while you're at the airport waiting for your flight to board or commuting home after work. 
  • Write a note. Take a minute to write a thank you note to your friend who sent you a sweet gift or get birthday cards in the mail for all of your friends who are celebrating another year of life this month. These are tasks that are easier to accomplish over time- if you try to write a bunch of notes at once your hand may cramp!
  • Whittle away your shopping list. Out of toothpaste? Swing into a drugstore on way back from grabbling lunch. Need a dress for that upcoming baby shower? Take 15 min and order the one you've been eyeing at Nordstrom. 
How do you make every minute count?

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