Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tipping Tips

We've all been in this situation: You just finished a delicious dinner with friends and one of them leans over and asks "How much are you tipping?". When someone has rendered a service, it's generally appropriate to thank them with a monetary gesture. Helpful people deserve great tips! Here are some guidelines to help you make smart decisions in every situation:

Restaurants and Bars
  • Waiter: 15-20% of the entire pre-tax bill 
  • Bartender: $1-$2 per drink 
  • Valet: $2-$5 when the car is returned to you 
Everyday Life
  • Cleaning Service: 20% 
  • Hairdresser: 15-20% of the service 
  • Manicure or other Spa Services: 15-20% (Note: no tip necessary if the service is rendered by the owner.)
  • Room Service: 15% of the bill 
  • Taxi: 15% is enough, but add an extra $1-2 if the driver helps with your bags 
  • Hotel Housekeeping: $2-$5 per night (Note: Leave the tip on your pillow or some other obvious place with a thank-you note) 
Keep in mind that if you have someone who graciously renders a service on a regular basis, it's customary to tip a little bit extra around the holidays. You can also thank your handyman, post man, etc. with a gift card or a sweet treat during the holiday season.

For more information about how to be a total tipster, check out this article on tipping etiquette from Business Insider by clicking here.

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