Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Art of Re-gifting

When you open a gift in the presence of the gift-giver this holiday season, it is important to be enthusiastically grateful, even if you hate it. Your friend or family member put thought and effort into selecting something just for you, so if it's not your taste, simply smile and be a gracious gift receiver. 

When it comes time to regift that treasure, Emily Post gives us some guidance:
  1. Only re-gift (i.e. give the item to a new recipient) if you're certain that it's something the new recipient would love to receive. You don't want to start a chain of re-gifting!
  2. Make sure that the gift is in new condition, still in a box with instructions (if applicable).
  3. Be cautious about who receives the re-gifted item. You don't want to accidentally give it back to the original gift-giver or their sister or close friend. That's a recipe for hurt feelings.
  4. White Elephant Parties are a good opportunity to re-gift items that don't suit your style. Make sure that the original gift-giver isn't a participant (see item 3). 
  5. Will the original gift-giver appreciate seeing you use the gift (ex. your Mother-in-Law)? If so, it's best to tuck it away and maybe pull it out couple of times when she visits.

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