Friday, February 7, 2014

Pursuing Vintage: Valentines

Hi, I'm Kristen from Pursuing Vintage. I’m very excited to be a guest blogger today!  I love checking in with Delight & Decorum to see what fabulous tips and beautiful eye candy Lauren has for the day! So, I am extremely flattered to be here with you all!

Over at Pursuing Vintage, I explore vintage décor and style, throwing in a bit of history when I can. Today I’m going to share with you some of my favorite vintage Valentines. 

I think many of us learned the history of Valentine’s Day when our teachers threw that Xeroxed worksheet in front of us, desperate for anything to make the day of sugar (hello candy hearts!) and hyper (or heartbroken) kids go as quickly as possible. You know how it goes: Saint Valentinus was being a big ol’ rebel by marrying people he shouldn't have been marrying and then he healed his jailor’s daughter and signed a letter “your Valentine”. Awww. Throw in some martyrdom and you have a saint with a holiday!

But what I never learned on that Valentine’s Day word-search, was that Valentine’s Day as we know it was not popularized until 18th century England.  At that time it became popular for couples to exchange tokens of love and cards known as Valentines.The Victorian style Valentines are beautiful, but I much prefer later Valentines, as I’m a sucker for cheesiness. Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest:

Which is your favorite?  I’m partial to the hot dog!  Flowers and chocolate are nice, but a sense of humor is what will keep a couple together. And jewelry. Jewelry definitely helps.

Have a great Valentine’s Day and I hope to see you stop over at Pursuing Vintage!


Thanks Kristen! Happy (early) Valentine's Day! I love the valentines you chose to feature on today's guest post. 

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