Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

It's the last Friday in March, and I'm wrapping up my Friday Favorites series by dumping out my favorite tote and showing you what's in the bag! I carry my giant Goyard bag almost every day. It was a beautiful souvenir from a recent trip to Paris, and it holds all of these essentials:
  • My computer. Sometimes it's my Macbook Air, but frequently it's the clunky PC that I haul around for work. 
  • Small pouches/bags to keep the little stuff organized. I got this fun ikat print zipper bag from my sister, and I use it to keep track of all the tiny loose items (hair ties, pens, travel-size hand lotion, earbuds, giant paperclips, etc.) in one place. The blue zipper pouch was also a gift, and it's perfect for carrying spare change. Parking meters are everywhere and they eat up quarters so quickly!
  • Snacks. I swiped this Taza bar from Neal's stash, but I always keep something to nibble on. Typically it's a protein bar or a piece of fruit, but I couldn't pass up a bar of dark chocolate!
  • Stamps. I love snail mail, so I keep stamps handy. These floral ones are so cute for spring. 
  • A variety of eyewear. I wear contacts, but allergy season makes my eyes a little dry, so I tote around this tiny sunglasses-shaped contacts case in case I need to swap my lenses for glasses. My Warby Parker frames are usually in my bag too, along with a pair of Colors in Optics sunglasses. 
  • Lots and lots of lipgloss/lipstick. There are only two Bobbi Brown lip colors pictured here, but on any given day I might pull 4-5 different lip products out of my bag. It's extreme, but my lips are rarely dry!
  • My Mason Pearson Hairbrush. This brush has made it onto a Friday Favorites list before, and it's so awesome that it's showing up again. I carry around this handbag-sized version for midday touchups. 
  • A handy pill case. When I'm traveling, it's helpful to carry around some Advil, Benadryl, and Pepto Bismol chewables. This has prevented many late-night drug store runs!
  • Tea. Although I'm a morning coffee drinker, I love tea too. I stash a few tea bags in my tote for any time the mood strikes. 
My wallet, kindle, and cell phone aren't pictured here, but I rarely leave home without them. What's in your bag?

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  1. What an artful display of products! Love it!


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