Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kitchen Tips

I love to cook, and I'm planning to do a lot more of it this summer as I work to compile my favorite recipes in to a cookbook. So, I was excited to read this article from Bon Appetit, highlighting the tricks their staff members have picked up over the years. Some of my favorite tips include:
  • Finish pasta in the pan. Instead of pouring the sauce over the pasta, add the pasta to the pan of sauce and let it finish cooking. It will absorb the flavor of the sauce, and adding a bit of the leftover pasta water will give the dish a creamy, perfect finish. 
  • Use scissors in the kitchen. I do this all the time, and Neal teases me, but scissors are great! Instead of cutting up chicken, veggies, or anything else with a knife, make it easy on yourself and use some good shears. 
  • Give your veggies space. When roasting veggies, give them a little space. Overcrowding them may lead to more food, but giving those veggies space will lead to tastier results. 
  • Use an immersion blender. We live in a small space, so the immersion blender is my best friend. I use it to make creamy soups, blend my own homemade salsa, and I've even whipped up a milkshake or two. It can do almost as much as a giant food processor, but it takes up a fraction of the space. Bon Appetit agrees- it's a handy tool!
  • Clean your greens. Matt Gross, editor at BonAppetit.com writes, "I remember one time, I was about to wash off some lettuce and my dad told me to wash it from the leaf side down the stem side. If there's dirt on the stems- where the dirt usually is, of course- you're spreading the dirt to the leaf if you're doing it the other way around. I think of it every time I wash greens." 


  1. I do love finishing pasta in a pan - but I just can't use scissors to cut food!

    1. Not even kitchen shears?! I use them for everything... snipping herbs instead of chopping, cutting up dough, etc.


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