Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gift Closet

Gift Wrap from
If you've ever found yourself scrambling to find a last minute hostess gift, birthday gift, baby gift, etc.  then keep reading! To avoid last-minute gift-buying stress, I collect small gifts and treasures all year long and stockpile them in my gift closet (well, actually, mine is more of a gift bin.. it fits neatly under the bed in our tiny apartment). Here's what you need to do to create your own:

1. Buy Gift Wrap.  I keep a selection of different types of gift wrap in my box. Pick a few gift bags, some tissue paper, ribbon, and wrapping paper. As you receive gifts, you can also add those gift bags and ribbons to your box for reuse. 

Tip: Choose gift wrap that is generic enough to be used for multiple occasions. It doesn't have to be boring, but you can't use "Happy Birthday" paper to wrap a hostess gift. I like the options above.

2. Shop Sales. Sites like frequently have fun kitchen gadgets, wine, candles, dog toys, etc. on sale. Plus, you might find some great gift-y items while you're at the mall shopping for something else. Pick them up and store them in your gift closet. You'll thank yourself later!

3. Collect Re-Gifts. There's a special art to re-gifting, but if you've received an item that you don't love, add it to your gift closet. Make sure to tag it with the name of the person who gave it to you. It would be a major faux-pas to give that gift back to the original giver. 

4. The Perfect Thing. Do you ever pass something on a store shelf and think "Wow,  _______ would love that!"? If so, buy it for them! Add it to your gift closet and save it for the next gift-giving occasion. It will take away the stress of finding the perfect thing when the holidays roll around. 

5. Make Space. Pick a spot in your closet or buy a bin to hold everything. I use this long underbed storage box with wheels from The Container Store. 

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