Wednesday, June 11, 2014

China Patterns

I've shopped a lot of wedding registries lately and it seems that choosing a china pattern is no longer a  wedding requirement. Perhaps it's because people entertain less, or maybe they simply don't have the storage for extra pieces, but I absolutely adore china and it's disappointing to see that tradition fall by the wayside.

China, or any dinnerware, doesn't have to be for special occasions. Add it into your everyday rotation and you'll add sophistication and glamour to every meal! Here are some of the patterns I love:

Wedgwood Renaissance Gold Dinnerware is classic and formal, but the geometric patterns look modern and fresh. 
Kate Spade Hopscotch Drive Dinnerware is fun and would be perfect for a summer afternoon soiree!
I love this Lenox Pearl Dinnerware for everyday. Look at the curve of those coffee cups! It's beautiful!
Gian France Songe Dinnerware has an earthy feel, yet it's still elegant. 
If you're looking to enhance YOUR dinnerware collection, start with what's on sale. It's a great time to find holiday patterns on deep discount, and don't worry, they'll be useful for more than one day. Choose a holiday pattern that you can use throughout the entire holiday season- my mom has a beautiful Christmas Tree set from Spode that she uses for everyday eating in December. It makes meals feel a bit more festive!

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