Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Road Trippin'

Neal and I are getting excited for a big move to Austin, TX  at the end of August, and this past weekend we spent some time mapping out our travel plans. A three day road-trip sounds like a piece of cake, but with a puppy and all of our belongings in tow, we want to be prepared.

If you're planning a road trip (whether for a move or just for fun), here are some handy apps that you may want to download:
  • FuelMyRoute: Type in your start and end points, the type of fuel your car takes, and find the best spots to refuel on your route. 
  • RoadTrippers: Find the best sight-seeing opportunities while you drive. I wish Neal and I had an app like this last fall when we were cruising through France and Spain! 
  • Roadfood: You're bound to get hungry on a long drive, but rather than race through a drive-through, find some authentic regional cuisine! The options will be informal and inexpensive, but let you experience some of the local flair. If you're looking for some of the diners, drive-ins, and dives that you may have seen on TV, try TVFoodMaps as an alternative option.
  • Trapster: This app is a little bit sneaky, but if you promise to drive safe, it will help you avoid speed traps along your route. A speeding ticket is a quick way to dampen your spirits on a long drive!
  • HotelTonight: When you're driving all day, you may not know exactly which city you'll be in come 11pm. If you're looking for a last-minute hotel, try this app that will search for the lowest hotel rates and let you see reviews all in one spot.  If you're like me and have been living at hotels every week for work, you can also use your hotel group-of-choice's unique app. We'll be using SPG.com and my Starwood Ambassador to book our reservations.
Road Trips are a great time to see the outside world, get away from your routine for a while, and relax a bit. I'm sure there are many more apps that are useful to have on-hand, but a phone is not the only road-trip essential- make sure you pack some good snacks, a couple of books on tape, and some great music to keep you going. See you on the road!

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