Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving Checklist

If you're a type-A personality like me, you find sanity in checklists. To help with our upcoming move, I've created my own moving checklist with the help of this version from Real Simple. 

2 Months Before
  • Start researching. Find the best moving company, plan your route (if you're driving), scope out the area you're moving to and find a place to live! 
  • Create a plan. In addition to this handy checklist, I found it useful to create a moving budget. We took inventory of everything we'd be getting rid of and projected moving expenses and the cost of buying a few new things to make the new place feel like home.
  • Get organized. Start collating all of your personal records. Make sure you have any documentation that you'll need for the move, start saving those Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, and put everything you'll need into a big ol' binder. 
Six Weeks Before
  • Order supplies. If you need moving boxes, tape, markers, or bubble wrap, order them early!
  • Sort and purge. Begin to get rid of the things you really don't need. Moving is a great excuse to clean house! Also, at this point, you should be using up perishable-type things that you don't want to move. So clean out the freezer and use up those last few drops of Windex.
  • Order Furniture. Get out your handy measuring tape and measure your current items to make sure they'll  fit in your new place. If you need to buy anything additional, consider placing the order NOW. Specialty items like sofas can take 6-10 weeks to be delivered. 
  • Start Packing. You still have time before the move, but as you're sorting and purging, why not box things up? 
  • Sell it all! If you're trying to get rid of items, start listing them for sale now.
  • Spread the Word. Your bank, your company's HR department, insurance companies, magazines you subscribe to, etc. will want your new address. 
  • Plan your Route. If you're taking a long road trip to your new home, plan the route that you'll take and scope out good places to stop. For our drive to Austin, dog-friendly hotel stops are a must!
Two Weeks Before
  • Tune Up. Take your car in for a tune up, especially if you're loading up the trunk and driving all of your goods to a new location. 
  • Plan a Party! Schedule some time to say goodbye to the friends and colleagues you're leaving behind. 
  • Confirm Details. Contact your moving company to confirm the final details. You don't want any surprises on moving day!
  • Book Hotels. If you're road-trippin' and want to plan ahead, book hotels in the cities that you plan to stop in overnight. Additionally, a move to a new city can be made easier by booking a hotel for the first few nights you're there. This will ensure that you have a calm space and a clean bed to sleep in while you unpack and get settled in the new place!
One Week Before
  • Refill Prescriptions. This sounds silly, but it's a hassle you won't wan to deal with mid-move. Stock up on everything you need now. 
  • Continue Packing. This is a great time to determine what can go in a moving truck and what you need to carry with you (i.e. valuables like fine jewelry, your moving binder, etc.). Make sure to label everything carefully and take inventory of what you've got. 
  • Forward your Mail. Even if you've notified all of the right people of your new address, there's bound to be some stuff that slips through the cracks. Setting a forwarding address is simple, and you can do it online through the post office, so just do it!
2-3 Days Before
  • Double Check. Make sure you've gone through this checklist, double and triple-confirmed with the moving company, know your new address, etc. 
  • Plan for Payment. If you haven't already agreed to pay by credit card, get a cashier's check or cash for payment. Don't forget that you'll need to tip the movers. 
  • Plan Snacks. If you're taking a long road trip come moving day, plan ahead and start stocking a cooler full of goodies for the drive. It's a great way to use up anything extra you have in your fridge, and you won't want to be worry about this on Moving Day
  • Take a Break. Go get your haircut, indulge in a pedicure, or do whatever you need to do to find a little bit of calm. The next week or so will be hectic, so you may as well look good!
Moving Day
  • Make a List. Yep, more lists! Make sure to take inventory of everything that goes into the moving truck and have the movers sign off on it. 
  • Hop in your car and hit the road! 


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