Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sushi Etiquette

Sushi Bar @ Uchiko
Sushi is one of my favorite foods, but it's easy to make a faux pas while finagling chopsticks. Jason Kessler of Bon Appetit writes in detail about sushi etiquette, but here are a five quick tips:

  1. The rice is just as important as the fish in sushi. Don't remove the fish from the rice, even if you're trying to be polite and take smaller bites. 
  2. Eat each piece in one bite. Sushi is not meant to be cut up. It IS meant to be a finger food, so feel free to use your digits instead of chopsticks if you choose.
  3. Avoid mixing wasabi into your soy sauce. Fresh wasabi is carefully prepared, so don't dilute it with soy!
  4. When you dip your sushi into soy sauce, dip carefully from the fish side. Rice is absorbent, so dunking it will simply overwhelm your bite with salt and you won't get the full experience of the fish. 
  5. Ginger is meant to be a palette cleanser, not a garnish for your spicy tuna roll. Do not put ginger on top of your bite of sushi. 
Ready to test out your sushi skills? Head over to Uchiko or belly up to a sushi bar in your neck of the woods. 

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  1. p.s. If you visit Uchi or Uchiko in Austin, don't skip dessert- they're amazing!


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