Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Start a Tradition: Bowling!

The Goodnight
Thanksgiving is a day of food and fun, but after you're stuffed with Turkey, skip the nap and do something active! Bowling is a fun family activity that's not overly strenuous, so start a new tradition this year!

If you're around Austin, check out The Goodnight. Located on West Anderson Lane, this restaurant/bowling alley combo sports vintage lanes and has amazing cocktails. The kitchen is closed on Thanksgiving, but the bar is open! Drink responsibly because at this bowling alley you have to keep score by hand.

No in Austin? Find a bowling alley in your area, put on a slouchy sweater, and gather up your crew! Here's a Thanksgiving-friendly look that I'm loving right now:

The cozy cape/sweater will make the transition from table to lane and the comfy leggings give you a little extra room in case you've over-indulged, while still looking chic. 

I'll see you out on the lanes! Don't forget- three strikes in a row is a TURKEY!

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