Thursday, November 6, 2014

Traveling Together

LMS + NEC- Our lock on the lock bridge in Paris
Traveling with a significant other is an important milestone in a relationship, and it's a great way to get to know your partner while you experience exciting new things together. What could be more romantic than kissing under the Eiffel Tower, watching the sun set in Santorini, or snuggling up by the campfire in the Grand Canyon?

Although vacations conjure images of fun and relaxation, there are definitely ways that a trip can go awry. Follow these five simple tips to make sure that the next trip you take with your sweetie meets all of your expectations.
  1. Plan together. Before you arrive at your destination, do a little planning together. Picking hotels, making reservations at restaurants you want to try, and creating a top ten list of sites to see will help to build excitement and anticipation. Plus, it's always good to have a plan!
  2. Don't get lost. This goes hand in hand with planning, but if you're traveling from place to place, get some maps and directions. Getting lost is frustrating for everyone, and it creates unnecessary tension on your trip. Plus, you'll be so excited to reach your designation, you won't want to be delayed.
  3. Refuel frequently. Neal and I have a special talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. When we're starving, there's not a restaurant in site. When we want to stop for a happy-hour drink, there's not a bar in site. Hunger can bring out the worst in people, so keep yourselves sane and eat frequently. In many places, food is a fun way to immerse yourself in the culture, so you can continue to explore your destination while you refuel!
  4. Put your partner's interests before yours. We all way to get the most out of our vacations, but your partner will appreciate it if you put his/her interests above your own once in a while. If you planned your trip together, perhaps there's enough on your site-seeing list to satisfy you both, but remember that your partner may not want to pop into every shoe store you see. So compromise! Buy some shoes and then go see that bull fight that he's been talking about. 
  5. Let the small stuff slide. You're on vacation. If the museum you wanted to visit is closed for the day, or you were unable to get into the restaurant that you desperately wanted to try, let it go! Enjoy the time that you have with your significant other and find something else to do- stressing won't help the situation. 

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