Friday, December 12, 2014

Amazing Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are a pretty basic and versatile food, and they're delicious. Although they're typically served with cheese, sour cream, chives, I love the idea of using potatoes in more creative ways. Check out these 5 amazing ways to eat potatoes for dinner:

1. Go with a classic combination and stuff sweet potatoes with Broccoli and Cheese. Check out this recipe on A Couple Cooks.
Image from A Couple Cooks
 2.  Fill your potato with spicy chili, sharp cheddar, some avocado, and sour cream- the Martha Stewart way!
Image from Martha Stewart
3. Whip up some balsamic caramelized onions and mushrooms to top your spud. Find the recipe on
Image from
 4. Like Indian cuisine? Try this samosa-inspired potato. Peas, curry, and mustard seed really kick things up a notch!
Image from
 5. Enjoy breakfast for dinner (or breakfast for breakfast) with eggs baked in potato skins. So yummy! Here's the recipe.
Image from The Village Cook

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