Friday, December 19, 2014

Keep Calm and Carry On

Image by Inslee Haynes
Traveling around the holidays can feel a bit frenzied. Weather delays are common, airports are busy, and everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination. If you're hopping on a plane in the next few days, keep these simple tips in mind:
  • Weather delays are out of your hands. Nobody can control the amount of snow, sleet, rain, or cold weather that blows in. When your flight is delayed, find a coffee shop and curl up with a good book, or consider purchasing a day pass to your Airline's lounge. During significant delays (or if you're traveling with a large group), it's worth it! 
  • Pack light. Shipping gifts to your destination ahead of time and packing light will help you to avoid long lines pre-flight and the congestion at baggage claim. Plus, it will guarantee that your presents make it on time, even if you don't. 
  • Be patient. It's easy to give the evil eye to the kid screaming at the gate, but keep in mind that travel is stressful for many people, especially kids! The excitement and anticipation to fly on a plane can cause even the most well-behaved children (and adults, for that matter) to get a little wild. Put a smile on your face, keep calm, and carry on. 
  • Courtesy is key. Flight attendants and airport staff are trying to get places too. They understand that delays cause frustration, but often it's out of their hands. Be nice and try not to take your frustrations out on them. Plus, they may really appreciate a smile and some kind words (hello upgrade!).

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