Friday, January 2, 2015

Setting Goals

'Tis the season for New Year's resolutions. Rather than resolving to fix something about myself this year, I'm setting goals. Goals keep you focused on priorities and give you something to achieve and celebrate, while resolutions are often vague commitments that fall by the wayside come February.

Goal #1: Run a Half Marathon 
I've already started training because this is a goal that I'll (hopefully) achieve early on. I'm signed up to run the Austin Half Marathon in February, and I'm looking forward to seeing my beautiful friend Kate who has kept me motivated and will be running with me come race day. 

Goal #2: Plan an Epic Fall Vacation
Neal and I take lots of weekend trips, but we try to plan one amazing vacation each year. In 2014, this fell by the wayside since our summer and fall were consumed with plans to move from Boston to Austin. In 2015, we have the perfect opportunity to plan something incredible- we'll be honeymooning!

Goal #3: Try Something New Each Week
It's easy to get into a comfortable routine, but we're in a new city and there's so much to explore. My goal is to try something new each week: a restaurant, a yoga class, a volunteer activity- the possibilities are endless!

What are you hoping to do in the coming year? Do you want to get fit? Develop a new skill? Save money? Think about some specific targets to help you reach your goals and write them down. You can do it! 

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