Monday, January 26, 2015

Travel Day Looks

Monday is a travel day for most consultants, and although I'm lucky enough to have a local gig for now, I still like to travel for fun. Picking the perfect outfit for travel days can be tricky, but there are ways to look posh and polished from the beginning to end of your journey. Here are a few "rules" that I follow:
  • Wear layers. A great scarf, a long sweater, or a blazer will keep you warm on an overly air-conditioned airplane. Similarly, if you're too warm, you can always remove it!
  • Flats are your friend. Heels may look great, but if you need to run to catch a plane you'll be happy to be in shoes that allow you to move quickly. I also find that when I'm sitting for long periods of time, flats are a bit more comfortable. Extra tip: If you're taking boots with you, wear them on the plane because those take up precious real-estate in your luggage!
  • Bring a big bag. I always travel with a big tote bag that can hold my laptop, kindle, and other travel essentials. It's nice to have something that fits under the seat in front of you, but can also hold last-minute snack purchases, extra shoes, or whatever you need. 
  • Hydrate your skin. Airplanes and recirculated air tend to make skin dry, so keep your morning routine simple and layer on lots of moisturizer instead of heavy foundation. By the end of your flight, you'll still look glow and fresh. 
Ready to leave your sweatpants behind and travel in style? Here are a few travel-friendly outfits for inspiration:, via Pinterest, via Pinterest, via Pinterest, via Pinterest
I especially love the all-black look at the end. Dark colors still look chic, even if after several hours in the air!

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