Thursday, March 19, 2015

Friends with Kids

Brady loved this little guy!
This past weekend we had friends in town, and we had so much fun. They brought their adorable 11-month-old, and although I absolutely love children, I was nervous about the types of activities to plan with a baby in tow. We ended up with a perfect mix of relaxation and tourist-y fun (since they're not from Austin), so here are my tips for entertaining your grown-up friends with kids:
  • Be flexible. I'm not familiar with baby sleep/nap schedules, so we didn't pack the weekend with activities. We strolled around the park, stopped for food when we were hungry, and played games at home while the baby snoozed. 
  • Get messy. Baby's cry, pull things off of tables, make messes, and it's all OK. Nothing is too precious or irreplaceable (and if it is, please put it away!), and you'll have a lot more fun if you just enjoy the humorous situations that kids create instead of preventing every mess from happening. 
  • Choose kid-friendly locales. Skip Uchi in favor of a more casual dinner, stroll around Zilker park instead of trying to quiet a baby during a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, and use stroller naps as an oh-so-precious opportunity to duck into a cute shop or gallery. 
  • Relax. My friends left feeling like they had been on a two-day vacation, and that's exactly how it should be! We didn't rush to get out of the house in the morning, instead opting for coffee on the porch and breakfast tacos at home. In the afternoon we did whatever felt right in the moment (see "being flexible" above). This isn't my typical weekend pace, but it was delightfully chill.

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