Monday, March 16, 2015

Five Things

We're only a few months into 2015, but I've already acquired a few new things that have made day-to-day living so much more delightful. Some were generous gifts, and others were things that I purchased on a whim, but I highly recommend them all!

  1. Zyliss Paring Knives: These come in a serrated and non-serrated form, and both are amazing! They're small but mighty, and they come with blade covers to help protect your fingers from getting cut when you store it in your drawer or pack it in your lunch bag. 
  2. Garment Steamer: I hate ironing, but this steamer is fun to use and gets great results. Our clothes are wrinkle-free, but this handy tool is also great for cleaning drapes and fabric furniture. I don't know how I ever lived without this thing.
  3. Thunderleash: Brady is still a puppy, and he gets easily distracted on walks. This leash gently keeps him from pulling and has allowed us to start running together. I highly recommend it to other dog parents who love going on long walks!
  4. Threshold Bar Cart: I was itching to curate a stylish bar cart, and this beauty did the trick! Our living space is party-ready with all the fixings necessary for an old-fashioned, a negroni, or a Kir Royale, displayed on this inexpensive Target find. 
  5. Michele Urban Diamond Watch: I wasn't a regular watch-wearer, but this watch has me converted. I love that Michele watches have interchangeable straps, and the diamonds give it just the perfect amount of sparkle. Mine get stacked with my favorite Stella & Dot bracelets, but it looks great on it's own too!

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