Monday, March 30, 2015

Vacation at Home

It's Monday morning, and I'm starting my day feeling energized and renewed after a fabulous weekend. Neal and I spent the weekend trying new things, exploring new places, and soaking up the sunshine, which felt like a vacation even though we didn't go anywhere.  For me, a day of fun activities is much more relaxing that sleeping in late or staying in. Here's what we did on Saturday:
  • Coffee @ Patika: We started our day with a cup of coffee and some pastries while we sat outside on the patio and planned our day.  It was a casual start that was reminiscent of the mornings we spent on a trip through France a couple years ago.
  • Kayaking the Colorado River: Before it got to hot, we rented some kayaks and spent a couple of hours cursing and enjoying the views.  The weather was blissfully warm, and the scent of sunscreen made me feel like we were somewhere tropical.
  • Afternoon stop at Hula Hut:  Continuing the tropical theme, we stopped into Hula Hut for a frozen drink or two. This lake-side retreat doesn't have the most stellar food, but the drinks are delicious and the scenery can't be beat. 
  • Playing at the Park: Brady deserves a little vacation too, so we got outside and played a little bit in the afternoon. He loves all the other dogs at the park!
  • Dinner at the Clay Pit: After hearing about it from a friend, we decided to check out the Clay Pit for dinner.  The tandoori chicken was phenomenal and the vibe was casual. I love trying new places around the city!
  • Dessert: This gets its own bullet because I always order dessert on vacation, but rarely at home. This weekend we made ice cream sundaes with buttery caramel sauce and whipped cream. They were the perfect treat to top off a perfect day.
  • Night Out with Friends: As the sun set, we headed to 6th Street in East Austin where we enjoyed a few craft cocktails and a bit of stargazing. It was low key and Neal and I enjoyed hanging with some of our new Austin friends. 

I find that it's easy to cram weekends full of mundane errands, laundry, and the things that just need to get done, but I'm hoping that we can make this "vacation at home" feeling a more regular thing in our house. 

How do you relax and unwind on the weekends?

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  1. So fun! Before kids, we used to do a lot more of our own city exploring. Now our exploring is more limited to family-friendly short outings, but I still love taking advantage of everything the area has to offer.


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