Thursday, March 26, 2015

What to Wear: Weekend Events

I don't claim to be a fashion expert, but I love dresses AND getting dressed up. Weekends in particular are full of fun dress-up-worthy activities, so here are my tips for choosing the perfect outfit based on the event:
  1. Family Get-Together or Birthday Party: For casual meet-ups, go for a pair of jeans or a comfy dress with ballet flats. You should look like you put in some effort (i.e. don't show up in your workout-wear), but don't go overboard. 
  2. Bridal or Baby Shower: These types of events call for something ladylike. A feminine dress paired with pearls or a skirt and a cardigan are perfect for celebrating a new little one or a bride-to-be. 
  3. Baptism, Bar Mitzva, or Religious Ceremony: If you're attending a special ceremony, skip the low cut top and instead opt for a demure dress that's not overly clingy. You may need a little something to cover your shoulders at the church, but you can remove it for any receptions/parties afterward.
  4. Wedding (or Cocktail Party): Go for a classic above-the-knee cocktail dress. Black is appropriate, but don't be afraid to venture out with a fun pattern and some awesome accessories. Note that if you're attending a wedding, you should definitely avoid a white or cream colored outfit-that's reserved for the bride!
  5. Black Tie Wedding or Charity Gala: Etiquette rules are changing, but to be safe, opt for a floor length (or tea length) dress. A column or A-line gown will be the most timeless and sophisticated, and you can add some sparkly accessories to make a simple gown more glam. 

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