Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Basket Essentials

Making Easter Baskets can be oh-so-fun, but it's even better if you can skip the candy overload and fill it up with tiny treasures. Here are some of my favorite adult Easter Basket fillers:
For Her:
  1. Stash some sunscreen in there to keep her cool. Coola Sunscreen,
  2. A pretty votive will look perfect amongst all that paper grass! Peony Rose & Vanilla Candle,
  3. Cute stationery will never go to waste. Donuts Stationery,
  4. Monogrammed Jewelry or a cute pair of earrings will fit into a tiny plastic egg. Engraveable Disc Necklace and Elegant Cushion Drop Earrings,
  5. A mini manicure set will come in handy! Travel Tips Mini Mani Kit,
For Him:
  1. A goofy gadget with a practical purpose is the perfect addition. Nice Inc. Nibbles,
  2. Primal Beef Jerkey (or his favorite brand) make this basket extra-manly. Whole Foods Market
  3. A travel journal is perfect for an adventurous guy. He's ready for a vacation! Moleskin Passions Travel Journal,
  4. Pick a few of his favorite spirits and stash tiny nibs in colorful eggs. Pictured: Firestone and Robertson Texas Blended Whiskey, Titos Handmade Vodka
  5. Buy a travel size kit of his favorite products and split it up so that it fills your basket. Ursa Major Traveler's Skin Care Kit,

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  1. A bunch of cute ideas! I want that Easter Bunny to stop at my house!


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