Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gold Fox Paper: Pretty Wedding Invites

Fun Fact: The Postal Service has deemed April as "National Letter Writing Month." In keeping with the spirit of snail mail, we just finalized our wedding invitations, designed by Gold Fox Paper and I am IN LOVE! I'm not giving away our design quite yet, but Ana has done some beautiful things for other weddings:

No matter what design you choose, there are a few wedding invitation rules that apply to everyone:
  • Invitations should be sent 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. If the wedding is  destination wedding or most guests live out of town, play it safe and send out invites 3 months in advance. 
  • Your RSVP deadline should be 3-4 weeks prior to your wedding date. This gives you enough time to follow up with non-responders, finalize the headcount and seating chart, and make last minute arrangements. 
  • Save the Date cards are perfect for sharing basic information (date, location) and the wedding website. As an alternative, you can also include wedding website information on a small enclosure card with your invitation.
  • Do NOT include registry information on your save the date cards or invites. It makes it seem as if you're asking for gifts. Instead, make sure close friends and family know where you're registered and include a link on your wedding website. 
  • If you're inviting single guests, you can include "and Guest" on their invitation, or omit it if you'd prefer for them to arrive solo.  Both are acceptable. 
  • Invite your guests by name. If they're married or in a serious relationship, make sure to include both guest names. This is common courtesy and it makes the invitation non-transferable (i.e. there's no confusion- Cousin Joe cannot bring his buddy Jack, because you clearly listed that Joe and Ashley were invited). 
  • RSVP cards should be pre-addressed and stamped. Make it easy for your guests to respond!

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