Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Be the Best Bridesmaid

Navy and Pink Bridesmaid Attire, Image from Pinterest
I've been in several weddings, and although it's fun to have your besties by your side, the bridesmaid experience can be stressful! Bridesmaid dress distress, bachelorette party budgets, and even just a few strong personalities can quickly take the focus off of the bride. If you're a bridesmaid, here are a few dos and don'ts that are sure to keep your experience fun and celebratory (as it's supposed to be!):
  • DO defer to the bride. Yes, you may never wear that dress again, and yes, you may even feel uncomfortable on the day-of, but it's not your day! Your job is to put a smile on, wear the outfit that bride chose, and dance the night away with your dear friend who just started a great adventure. 
  • DON'T be catty. Girls can be mean, so take the high road and be friendly with the rest of the wedding party. Being pleasant and trying to get to know the other women will make the bride feel good (everyone wants their friends to get along!), plus it will make the bachelorette party, wedding shower, etc. a lot more fun. They're parties after all!
  • DO ask the Bride how you can help, and if she has an idea, go with it! She might need your help with a specific task, or she may just need something simple like for you to make her sister feel welcome and included in the bachelorette festivities. Regardless, she'll be touched that you offered. 
  • DON'T commit to being a bridesmaid if you're heart (or your budget) isn't in it.  Being a bridesmaid means that you'll attend the bridal shower (or throw one), host a bachelorette party, don a dress of the bride's choosing, and be there for all wedding-weekend activities. It's a commitment, and if you feel like you can't really commit, it's best to state that early on when your friend asks you to be in her wedding party. It's ok to just be a guest!
  • DO be up front about your budget once you've committed to being part of the wedding party. Destination bachelorette parties seem to have become a trend, but being a bridesmaid doesn't have to break the bank. Be reasonable about your expenses, but it's ok to be up-front about your budget. Keep in mind that the bride/maid-of-honor may move forward with more spendy plans, in which case you may graciously opt out rather than throwing a fit about it. 
  • DON'T try to plan a party for you. If this is not your bachelorette party, then it's not a party for you. You're there to celebrate the bride, so plan it with her in mind. For example, if you think a striptease class and a night of bar hopping and drinking would be fun, but the bride is more of a spa-day-followed-by-a-cooking-class kinda gal, that's OK. You're planning this to celebrate her. Feeling stuck? Try TheBach.com, a website specially designed to help you plan a fabulous bachelorette party, no matter which city you're in!

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