Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Suit Up

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The woman in white is typically the center of attention on the wedding day, but this doesn't mean that the groom's attire has to be generic! There are so many different suit options that range from beach-y casual to black-tie formal, so ask yourself a few key questions before you start shopping:
  • How formal is the wedding? An indoor, evening event may call for a suit or a tuxedo, but you should skip the 3 piece suit if you'll be outside in the backyard. There are stylish options no matter which direction you choose to go in, but you do want the groom's attire to reflect the overall feel of the event. 
  • Is matching important? Often, the groomsmen will wear coordinating colors or even the same suit, but it's important to consider whether you'll be renting or buying the outfits. Consider allowing the groomsmen to wear suits/tuxedos that they already have (and save a little money!) or shop around for some good deals (like the Nordstrom half-yearly sale!).  I personally hate the idea of renting formalwear because the fit will never be quite right on a borrowed suit, but this may be another cost-effective option.
  • What's the color scheme? Consider how the suits will look with your overall color scheme. I don't mean that your groomsmen need to wear colored suite, but a pop of color on a tie or a pocket square will complement the flowers in the bride's bouquet and add a bit of style to a solid color ensemble. 
  • What "extras" will we have? Shirts with French cuffs require cuff links, or maybe you want everyone to have the same tie or some funky socks. Even if everyone's wearing their own suit, a piece of flair that all the groomsmen have will add some uniformity to your lineup. Plus, these little "extras" make great gifts!
We bought Neal's suit last week, and I'm almost just as excited to see him in it as I am for him to see me in my dress! He's going to be a very handsome groom!

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