Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life's a Beach

We've been spending the last few days blissfully tucked away in the New Hampshire woods, soaking in the sun and swimming in the lake. Although it's not quite the same as a Mexico beach vacation, the same rules still apply: Beach bags are a handy carry-all for your sunscreen, a great book, and a big fluffy towel so that you can stake your claim on the dock.


Brazilian bikini / Stella Dot Weekend Bag / Kate spade Beach Towel / Peter Grimm Sun Hat / COOLA Suncare/ Eight Hundred Grapes / Stella & Dot Capri Tunic

Eight Hundred Grapes has been on my summer reading list, and although I don't have a hard copy (I downloaded it to my kindle), my beach bag doesn't look a whole lot different than what you see here. What's in yours?

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