Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RSVP Etiquette

I recently met up with friends for a few cocktails, and I got the scoop on all the things they wished they knew before they planned a wedding. The number one stressor? Lack of RSVPs. There's nothing worse than planning an event (wedding or otherwise) with a particular guest count in mind and then having RSVP "rebels" show up at the last minute!

If you've been invited to a Saturday soiree, a wedding, or a big event, let the host know that you're coming! Here are a few simple RSVP guidelines:
  • Do not wait until the deadline. Although the invitations may indicate a particular response timeframe, it's appropriate to RSVP within 24 hours of receiving your invitation. It lets your host know that you're excited to attend their event!
  • Attendance is not required. If you receive an invitation to an event that conflicts with your calendar OR if it's an event you simply don't want to attend, there's no need to feel bad. Simply indicate that you cannot attend and will be celebrating with the host in spirit. A good host/hostess won't probe for further details or pressure you to attend.
  • Do not RSVP for those who were not invited. Invitations are addressed to those who are specifically invited. It's not appropriate to include additional attendees on your RSVP unless your invitation stated that you could bring a guest. 
  • Expect a phone call. It is not appropriate to show up to a wedding or big event without letting the host know you'll be there. In most cases, the host will call you to confirm your attendance if they haven't heard from you in advance. Save them the trouble and just send in your response!
  • Plan ahead. For far-away weddings or big events, you will likely get a save-the-date or some information prior to invitations being sent. This is your cue to book your flights and confirm your travel details (or opt out of the event). Once you're fully booked, RSVP-ing is a breeze!

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