Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Visiting Home

I can't wait to see these lovely ladies!
I've lived in several places in my adult life, which means that going home is always a welcome respite from the day-to-day. We've been spending time in Boston this week, which feels like a second home to me, and I am looking forward to catching up with friends!

Visiting with loved ones is nice, but it can get overwhelming if you only make a few trips home each year. Here are my tips for managing the chaos so that you actually feel rested and rejuvenated after your "vacation":

  • Plan ahead. Know who you're going to see and when. Plan out dinners, lunches, in-between activities and schedule in some down time! It might feel silly to create a schedule, but this way you're guaranteed to get what you want out of the trip.
  • Go out with groups. There are so many people that I want to see when I come to town, so organizing group events allows me to see multiple people at once. This is particularly useful when visiting family (invite all the aunts/uncles/cousins out to a big dinner!), but it works with friends too. 
  • Prioritize. It's not always possible to see everyone on your list. Think about why you came to town. Was it for grandma's birthday? Make that a priority. Spending 4th of July with the extended family? That's first on the agenda. Any other visits you can schedule/squeeze in are a bonus. Good friends will understand if you can't make time to do it all. 
  • Do something YOU want to do.  Everyone has special memories or traditions at home. If there's a restaurant that you love to go to or a coffee shop that has the BEST Sunday morning bagels, make time for it! Doing something for yourself will make the trip feel like the vacation that it is. 

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