Monday, January 25, 2016

Grilled Cheese Please

Check out these "wild" grilled cheese recipes from Endless Simmer
This weekend got a little chilly (yes, laugh if you're sitting in 3 feet of snow right now), so on Saturday I whipped up a classic: grilled cheese and tomato soup. I used what we had on hand, which made for an awesome sandwich. If you're craving comfort food, kick your grilled cheese up a notch with these cooking tips:
  • Use great bread. Grilled cheese is not a complex recipe, so the ingredients need to be good. Skip the white wonder bread slices and go for something more gourmet. We use crusty sourdough, but a rye-pumpernickel swirl or a seeded bread would also be very yummy. 
  • Swap butter for mayo. This tip sounds a little bit strange, but butter solids burn and mayo will allow your sandwich to get golden and crispy all the way around. You don't necessarily taste the mayo, and Neal can attest to that- he hates the stuff, but will allow it for grilling grilled cheese sandwiches. 
  • Mix up the insides. Jarlesburg or swiss is my favorite for grilled cheese, but the cheese doesn't have to stand alone! Try adding thinly sliced green apples with cheddar, a slice of turkey or pepperoni, fig spread and arugula... the sky's the limit. 
  • Cook low and slow. To get a crispy outside and a melty inside, you need to keep the heat down low and be patient. It's sort of like cooking eggs. If you char the outside of the sandwich, you won't have gooey cheese in the middle and you'll be missing out on the best part!
Bon App├ętit!

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