Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Baby Shower Etiquette

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The past month has welcomed FIVE new babies into our circle of friends, so all things baby-related have been hot topics in our house. There are a few more babies on the way this year, and that means a few more baby showers to celebrate their arrival! I've gotten a lot of questions about baby shower etiquette:

Q: Is it OK for family members to host the shower?
A: Yes! Unlike bridal showers (it's a faux pas for the bride's immediate family to throw a shower), it's common for baby showers to be thrown by the grandparents or aunts-to-be.  It's equally acceptable for friends or extended family to offer to host a party for the expecting couple. The only real rule here is that it's bad form to throw a baby shower for yourself. 

Q: Are the men invited?
A: This one is up to the host. Co-ed showers are becoming more common, but many dads-to-be would prefer to skip out on a tea party or a casual luncheon with games. If you're invited the men, consider a less traditional baby shower and host a backyard bbq or something more casual to welcome the little one. 

Q: Do we need to throw a shower to celebrate baby #2?
A: Every pregnancy is exciting, but the purpose of a baby shower is really to equip new parents with all of the baby gear that they'll need for their first baby. A second baby shower may feel a bit superfluous for parents who already have a stockpile of stuff from baby #1, but if you're just looking for an excuse to party, go for it!

Q: Are games required?
A: It's traditional for baby showers (like bridal showers) to include games, but my own personal opinion is that they are ABSOLUTELY NOT required. Baby shower games often border on weird and uncomfortable, so keep your guest of honor happy and have a classy affair sans games (Note: if you're the guest of honor and games are on the agenda, be gracious and just go with it). 

Q: If I can't attend, is it expected that I send a gift?
A: Gifts are not a requirement if you can't attend- a shower invitation is simply an invitation to a party, not a demand for a gift. If you want to send something to the new parents-to-be, you can order off of their registry or simply wait and send a gift when the baby is born. If the registry is picked over, don't panic- out-of-the box gifts like homemade dinners or a gift certificate for a cleaning service will be appreciated just as much as cute baby duds .

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