Thursday, February 25, 2016


Travel delays and flight cancellations are never fun, but they happen. In fact, as I type this I am sitting in an airport waiting for my airline to determine if I'll actually get home tonight. It's not looking good...

I can't say that I've always handled flight issues with the best attitude, but the more I travel, the more I'm able to cope. Plus, airports have added amenities that make the waiting game slightly less miserable. Here are five ways to pass the time:
  • Get a pedicure or a glass of wine. Most of the airports that I've passed through have spa services and/or a wine bar. If you like getting your nails done on the weekend or relaxing with a big glass of merlot, then why not have a little fun and do these things while you wait?
  • Exercise. This is the simplest option. You don't have to sit in a chair and wait for your plane to arrive. Walk the terminals and get your steps in. 
  • Phone a friend. We all have friends that we've been meaning to call, so use this time wisely! Catch up with old friends, solidify your weekend plans, call your mother, etc. Bonus points if you combine it with suggestion #2 and walk the terminals while you talk. 
  • Tick off your to-do list. One of best tips I received when I started travelling is to try and squeeze in small errands while you're on the road. Need a birthday card for a friend? Grab it at one of the airport gift shops and check it off your list. Hoping to swing into Sephora and grab a tube of mascara over the weekend? Do it now while you're strolling past that Benefit Cosmetics kiosk in the airport. I find that I'm always less stressed when I'm getting things done.

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