Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pretty Flowers

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and that means that florists have already started preparing beautiful pre-made arrangements of roses, peonies, and other romantic blooms. I love Valentine's Day just as much as the next girl, but I hate the idea of spending hundreds of dollars on flowers that won't last more than a few days! Here are a few tips as you shop for the perfect bouquet this year:
  • Go for less traditional blooms. Unless your Valentine is a fanatic for roses, you can probably get away with equally pretty options at a fraction of the cost. I picked up two dozen tulips (pictured above) at Trader Joe's last night for under $10! 
  • Order in advance. Companies like offer beautiful bouquets delivered for a flat $40 fee (even roses!), but you have to schedule delivery in advance. I've ordered from a few times, and once you get the flowers into water they bloom beautifully and last for days. 
  • Make your own bouquet. Most florists will ship their flowers in a vase, but there's extra markup for that and it's not always necessary. Use a mason jar that you have lying around or simply tie up a bouquet of fresh flowers with a beautiful ribbon. Even if you're not feeling creative, any florist or grocery store will wrap the flowers you choose in tissue and tie them with a ribbon upon request. 
  • Pick a plant. My Valentine loves succulents, so he's easy to shop for. But plants are a great gift for anyone! Plus, they'll last a lot longer than freshly cut stems. 
  • Try a fresh-flower alternative. If you're crafty, then try making your own flowers. It doesn't take much effort, and your Valentine is sure to appreciate the thought you put into the gesture! Here's a tutorial:

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