Monday, February 8, 2016

Resolution Update: Decorating

My Pinterest Inspiration
I've been making progress on my 2016 plans to decorate our house, although those bedroom shelves still aren't quite done. This weekend I focused on our entryway. I started by looking for inspiration on Pinterest, and although the tables were styled beautifully, they didn't feel overly functional to me. Our entryway table is a place that tends to collect keys, lip balm and spare change out of Neal's pocket, etc. but it's also open to our dining room. I needed the two spaces to flow together and not feel overly cluttered (my nightmare!). Here's the concept I drew:

I kept it simple. A decorative bowl would be perfect for keys and all those small things that tend to accumulate here, and a cute container of dog treats by the front door means that we no longer have to line our pockets with tiny pieces of liver in the event that a "teachable moment" presents itself (dog training is an ongoing process, people).  Here's how it turned out:

I'm still looking for a big bin to go under the table- that will hold all of the cozy blankets and throws that are currently tucked away in a cabinet. The art is really the centerpiece- a custom painting by Debra Corbett (my oh-so-talented mother-in-law). You can't see the dining room in this picture, but the painting picks up on some of the colors in the rug and really ties the space together without being overly match-y.

This Allegra Centerpiece Bowl from Crate & Barrel was the perfect piece to complete the look. It's big enough to hold several sets of keys and miscellaneous things, but it still looks decorative and pretty. While I was shopping for just the right piece, I stumbled up on some cute marche baskets that ended up on some other shelves in our house:

These shelves live near our back door, leading out into the back yard. Brady treats are another essential here, but the cute baskets helped me to organize the dog toys, bug spray, and sunscreen that we like to keep handy.

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