Thursday, May 26, 2016

Destination Wedding Q&A has some great custom invitation options! Image from Pinterest
I am so excited to celebrate with one of my besties in 2017 as she ties the knot with her long-time love. They've opted for a destination wedding in a tropical locale, and although the nuptials are still a year away, the guest list is already causing some stress. If you're planning a far-awafĂȘte, here's my take on some frequently asked invitation questions.

Q: How early is TOO early to send invitations out?
A: It's best practice to send a Save The Date as soon as you know the date and location of your wedding. Including as much information as possible will help your guests book in advance. Formal wedding invitations can be sent up to 4 months in advance, but note that if you send them too early, you run the risk of people setting them aside and forgetting about them until it's too late to RSVP!

Q: How do I manage by B-List Wedding Guest list?
A: If you're stressing about RSVP timelines, consider sending invitations in waves. Send the earliest round of invites out to the more questionable attendees on your A-List (those people that you're not really sure will attend), and include an earlier RSVP date. As the regrets flow in, you'll get a better sense of how many B-List attendees you can move up to the A-List.  Prioritizing your B-List makes this even easier- for every "no" that you get, you can send out an invitation to the next person in line.

Q: Can I ask people if they're coming?
A: If you send out Save the Date cards, you'll likely start to get a sense of who is and is not coming by the time invitations go out. Close family and friends who are committed to being there on your special day will likely book their travel as soon as they can, and you may even start to get informal RSVPs before your invites are posted. If your invites DO go out and you haven't heard from someone, it's definitely appropriate to follow up and confirm their attendance.

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