Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Favorites: New Mom Edition

My days are running together a bit, but I'm excited for the weekend just like everyone else! Henry and I have had a productive week, but it takes a lot more energy to stick to a routine and get stuff done when you have a baby in tow. This week I've rounded up some of my new mom favorites- these are things that keep me sane!
1.  Freshly: I love to cook, but sometimes I don't have more than 5 minutes to throw together lunch before my "boss" Henry beckons. Freshly is a meal delivery service that delivers fresh, healthy prepared meals. The options are delicious and it takes about 2 minutes to heat up each dish. Click here to try a few meals for free.

Henry's practicing his best savasana at The Little Yoga House!

2. Mom and Baby Yoga: Henry and I started taking classes at The Little Yoga House, and it's an hour that I look forward to every week. The class sizes are small and the babies just lounge on the mats while the moms get a full workout. It's an opportunity to focus on me for a bit while still bonding with the little guy. I highly recommend finding a mom-and-baby activity like this!
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3. Little Giraffe Blankets: My sister gifted Henry a Luxe Baby Blanket from Little Giraffe and it is the softest thing ever. Blankets are a popular baby gift ( we received about 100 of them), but the green Luxe blanket is Henry's favorite for snuggling. Wrapping him up in it leads to an almost instantaneous calm- that's a beautiful thing!

4. Tiny Beans: We live in a world of social media, but I'm conscious of the fact that not everyone wants to be overloaded with baby pictures. Plus, we don't really know the impact of having your whole life documented on the internet, so I'm trying to limit what I post my little one. Tiny Beans is an app that allows you to share a photo each day in a virtual journal- it's not public, but you can invite select people (like the grandparents) to have access. I've been having fun documenting Henry's adventures for our family members, and I know they enjoy seeing him grow since they don't live nearby.
Image from Pinterest
5. WubbaNub: These little guys are THE BEST! We have a few of them, and they're our go-to solution for a fussy baby. Each WubbaNub's plush toy keeps the pacifier nearby, even when baby spits it out. Plus, since Henry doesn't really "play" with toys quite yet, I think it's incredibly cute to see him grasp onto his little elephant Wub.

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