Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Organizing Idle Time

Before Henry was born, I was nervous about how I'd spend my time during maternity leave. I knew that taking care of an infant would keep me somewhat busy, but what would I do while he slept?!

My Emily Ley Simplified Planner
Fast forward six weeks: I've managed to get out of the house each day, bond with my baby, run errands, AND stay sane. For me, the trick to making it all work is being extremely organized about how I spend my time.  I'm using the Simplified Planner  and have scheduled in 1-2 main activities per day, like:

  • Doctor's Appointments. Last week, it felt like we were seeing a different doctor every day! It was a little bit exhausting and definitely not as fun as some of the other activities on this list. 
  • Workouts. I've been trying out Class Pass, so in addition to my Postnatal Yoga classes with Henry on Mondays, I try to schedule in a little bit of "me" time sans baby. 
  • Lunch with Friends. Most of my friends work, so we've been bringing lunch to their office or meeting up at restaurants nearby. It's fun for us AND fun for them! 
  • Mommy Meetups. I've managed to make a few new-mom friends, so it's fun to get the babies together while we sip coffee or just hang out and catch up. 
  • Baby-friendly Activities Around Town.  Newborns are pretty portable, so anything that can accommodate a stroller is pretty baby-friendly in my book. We're going to the grand opening of a new Nordstrom next week (hooray!), have walked to a local flower shop to buy some fresh blooms, and have scoped out some free outdoor live music events. 
Henry helped to celebrate my friend Anna's birthday with a birthday lunch!

The rest of  our days get filled in with errands and normal activities of daily living. I try to group the errands by geographic location so that I can maximize the time I have in between feedings. We're pretty fortunate because Henry is on a great sleep schedule and it's easy to know when he's going to need the most of my attention (thanks, Babywise!), but some days are better than others and I can't always complete my full list. Being OK with that fact is half the battle.

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