Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend In Review

I try to cram a lot into my weekends, and this past weekend was the perfect mix of productive and re-energizing.

We cracked open a bottle of wine that we've been saving for a special occasion (the beginning of a weekend felt special enough) and Neal grilled some steaks for dinner. It was a pretty low-key night that ended early since Henry, the new "boss" of our household, dictates our bedtime.

Images from Jester King Brewery
I woke up early and went to grab breakfast tacos and coffee from Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon. It's one of our favorite spots in Austin, and they added some new tacos to the menu that were SO yummy. After breakfast, I ran a few errands, gathering the supplies for a few weekend projects. We headed out to Jester King Brewery in the afternoon, meeting some friends for beer tasting and lunch outside. Henry was a trooper, but a few hours was about all he could handle, so we headed home to cool off. Neal and I spent the early evening "auditing" our closet- making piles of clothes to donate, consign, keep, etc. Not the most glamorous activity, but now I'm ready to do some shopping! We cooked dinner at home, watched the Notre Dame game, and snacked on the most delicious grain-free chocolate chip cookies from the Against All Grain cookbook. They give the original Toll House cookies a run for their money...

Henry let us sleep in a bit, so our morning got off to a pretty lazy start, but by 8am I was starving! Saturday's breakfast tacos were so good that I begged Neal to go get them again on Sunday and as a special treat I tried a Black and White- cold brew coffee mixed with horchata. It blew my mind and I think I'm going to make it a Sunday morning tradition. After breakfast, we walked the dog and I made a run to Target and the grocery store, getting ready for the week ahead. We spent the afternoon working on some projects around the house: hanging shelves in the nursery, potting some silk plants to replace the live plants that died, polishing off those remaining chocolate chip cookies (yep, that made the list!), etc. Dinner was some shrimp fried "rice" adapted from this Against All Grain recipe while we binge-watched Suits on Amazon (I love that show, even though my lawyer friends assure me that it's not at all realistic).  I ended the day with a heated power yoga class at Core Power Yoga (I've been trying out Class Pass and I love all of the class options). Getting sweaty was a great way to cap off the weekend!

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